Baji Live is on of the leading brand in online gambling, which offers players an all-encompassing and delightful gaming experience. Owned by Aurora Holdings N.V., a limited liability company registered in Curacao under registration number 10692, Baji is committed to providing a safe, consistent, honest and reliable gambling environment for its players. 

Baji Live

Our main goal at Baji is to provide a revolutionary sports betting exchange that covers cricket, tennis and other sports markets in Bangladesh. We pride ourselves on providing our players with a complete betting experience, so we offer many stimulating online games such as live casino, poker, slots and more.

Our sports betting exchange is the apotheosis of innovation in online betting. It allows players to participate in betting on a multitude of sports, from cricket to tennis and beyond. Our website is unparalleled and provides players with highly competitive odds on hundreds of markets every day, ensuring that they always have a chance to score big. To heighten the excitement, we also offer real-time betting, so players can bet on sports events happening in real time.

In addition to our revolutionary sports betting exchange, we also offer a wide selection of exciting online games. Our slots section, with its many themes and styles of play, is the perfect place for any gaming enthusiast. For those who crave an exciting experience, our live casino section allows you to immerse yourself in the casino atmosphere right at home. Finally, our poker section features a huge number of games, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Seven Card Stud.

Our goal at Baji is to create a safe, consistent, honorable and reliable gambling environment for all of our players. Our commitment to responsible gambling is paramount, and we take numerous steps to ensure that our players have an enjoyable and positive experience using our services. We adhere to strict standards of transparency and fairness to ensure the best possible gaming experience for all.

Our Values

The principles that guide us at Baji are fundamental to our success. We strive to create a safe, consistent, honorable and reliable gambling environment for our players, and we understand the importance of responsible gambling in achieving that goal. Our goal is to provide a superior gaming experience for all of our players by adhering to strict standards of fairness and transparency.


One of our most important principles is safety. We understand that players entrust us with their personal and financial information, and we take that responsibility seriously. We use state-of-the-art security measures to protect our players’ data and ensure that their confidential information remains confidential. We also take measures to prevent underage gambling, ensuring that we use our website responsibly.

Another important principle for us is stability. We understand that players want a reliable and always available website when they need it. Therefore we invest in the latest technology and infrastructure to ensure that our website is up and running even during periods of heavy traffic. In addition, we have a dedicated support team that is available 24/7 to address any problems or questions players may have.

At Baji we also value honesty and transparency. We believe that players should trust us and be assured that they are playing on an honest website. That is why we use a random number generator to ensure that the results of our games are truly random. We also publish the odds of each game, which allows players to make informed decisions regarding their betting choices.

Finally, one of our core principles is the importance of responsible gambling. We recognize that gambling can be addictive, and we take measures to prevent problem gambling. These measures include providing players with tools and resources to manage their spending and set deposit limits, as well as providing information on where to go for help if needed.

Our history

In an online gambling industry where competition is fierce and stakes are high, it takes a lot of ingenuity and persistence to stand out from the competition. Nevertheless, Baji, since its introduction in 2016, has succeeded in doing just that, rising to a high level of excellence in the industry.

Baji’s journey began in the aforementioned year when a group of online gambling enthusiasts tried to create a website that would meet the needs of players in Bangladesh. With a strong desire to provide world-class online gambling, the team set out to create a site that would offer players the best in terms of safety, stability, honesty and reliability. They sought to create a website that was head and shoulders above the rest, one that would provide players with a truly immersive gaming experience.

The early days of Baji were not without obstacles. Building a brand from scratch is no easy task, and the team faced many obstacles in their quest to create a website that would be different. Nevertheless, they worked hard and tirelessly to create a website that met the high standards they set for themselves. Through hard work, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Baji gradually began to establish itself as a prominent online gambling brand in Bangladesh.

As the years passed, Baji continued to expand and increase its services. The team was constantly looking for ways to improve the website and make it even more exceptional. They listened to their customers’ feedback and used it to improve their services, ensuring that they always provide their players with the most exceptional experience. Baji has invested heavily in the latest technology and infrastructure to keep their website running smoothly.

Through tireless work and dedication, Baji has earned a reputation as a reliable, trustworthy and innovative online gambling brand. It has won the hearts of thousands of players in Bangladesh and beyond, who appreciate its commitment to providing a truly immersive gaming experience. From its earliest days to this day, Baji has remained true to its core values of safety, stability, honesty and reliability.